About Wedding Celebrant Bonnie Harris

Hi I’m Bonnie!
My job revolves around LOVE and it's an exhilarating fabulous job, oh la la .Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around AND then you marry them HELL YES YES YES.
Every couple has different ideas about how and where they want to have for their wedding ceremony. They have their own unique stories, and romantic quirky ideas for wedding ceremonies. Weddings are about having fun, lots of energy, laughter and totally awesome. Couples want a wedding ceremony to be a memorable and I’m happy to share my experience and my knack of know how.
Its fun being involved with dazzling couples who dare to be different. Who don't want to spend the next 15yrs paying off a wedding.
It’s amazing to see different styles, personalities, creative energies and interesting characters who put zest into their life's.
Our world is filled with beautiful and interesting people. I travel from Kuranda to coastal and inland venues to perform weddings celebrations.

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