About Atherton Tablelands Birdwatchers’ Cabin

The modern self-contained and well-appointed cabin is the ONLY guest accommodation on our 35 acre forest property, which borders onto the Wet Tropics World Heritage area (Herberton Range Nat. Park).

We offer undisturbed bird and wildlife watching from the cabin’s veranda and our private forest trails. Our Tall Sclerophyll Forest with a diverse understorey of flowering and fruiting shrubs in the ecotone between open woodland and tropical rainforest makes it easy to observe the great number and diversity of birds (Victoria's Riflebirds, King Parrots, Mountain Thornbills etc.), mammals (Tree kangaroos, many species of possums), butterflies, frogs, Leaf-tailed Geckoes, Boyd's Forest Dragons (species lists on our website).

Summers in the tropics are very pleasant here, as we are situated at 1000m elevation.
We are close to excellent birding hotspots in a variety of ecosystems (e.g. savannah woodlands, tropical rainforest, wetlands). Bromfield Swamp and Mt.Hypipamee NP are 10 min away, Hasties Swamp 15 min.
Free WiFi.

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114 Webster Rd, Wondecla QLD 4887