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About David H Stacey

David H Stacey

Acclaimed artist, David Stacey, is renowned for his seductive representation of the natural world. Born in Sydney in 1961, David moved to North Queensland during the eighties where he currently resides. David’s unique and distinctive style of interpreting the landscape has been instrumental in showcasing the beauty and diversity of this region.

Inspired by the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, he developed a passion for wildlife and the Australian landscape. A passion that has become a lifelong pursuit; to further the understanding and exploration of nature through art.

His deep connection to the natural world is clearly visible in his contemporary interpretation and observations. David has a definitive ability to capture the essence of the living landscape in all its nuances. Often revisiting specific places at different times, giving these brief moments, continued existence.

David spent 2 years on Dunk Island and South Mission Beach in the early 90’s which was a pivotal moment in his career. A landscape that was new and fresh in ideas, the coastal environment provided much interest where his favorite pastime was beach combing to collect objects amongst the tidal zone. Strangely enough, it took many years after before the ideas found their way on to canvas. Still to this day, he returns to the coast, finding a deeper knowledge of the ebb and flow of this beautiful landscape.

Primarily considered as a painter, his pen and ink works appear in various publications such as scientific journals and university texts. David has had over twenty successful solo exhibitions in Australia and Japan and his work is represented in private collections throughout the world. He is currently illustrating and writing a book. David is an artist of genuine repute, his name is synonymous with the genre of fine art; the work speaks for itself.

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

David Stacey’s limited edition prints are produced by the giclee (pronounced “zhee-klay”) printing process. The quality of giclee printing rivals and exceeds that of traditional printing and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries worldwide. The giclee printing provides better colour accuracy than other means of reproduction currently available. These images are so impressive in fact, that it is not uncommon for a collection of giclee art reproductions to be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars in high-end galleries throughout the world.

The numbering of limited edition prints for sale in this book are in two categories. The exclusive limited edition totals 99 prints, plus 9 artist proofs. The remaining prints total 220 plus 22 artist’s proofs. All prints are hand signed, numbered and titled in pencil. Image embossed over the left-hand bottom corner to ensure authenticity. All editions are printed on ‘German Etching’ acid-free fine art paper.

Artworks that are a part of a Limited Edition Print range will only be printed the number of times the range outlines. Once the total number of prints is reached, that artwork will no longer be available for print.

News By David Stacey Gallery

Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery 4 – 20 November 2016

Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery 4 – 20 November 2016

By David Stacey Gallery

27 Oct 2016

Exhibiting at Red Hill Gallery 4 – 20 November 2016

Meet the Artist: DAVID STACEY

David is of the belief that there is a continuum between all life. He seeks, as an artist, to record and capture the mood and spirit of the precious wilderness now threatened. To celebrate and pay homage to our fellow creatures in nature, be they trees, be they living in the trees or on the forest floor. David's work is not just looking at colours on canvas. It is vitality, a common ground of inspiration and integration for us all to share.

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