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About Herberton

Herberton is one of the few towns at the Atherton Tablelands that hasn’t been swept along in the 21st century. It feels like a true country town: laid back pace, very friendly and immersed in history.

Herberton was established in 1880 as a base for tin mining at the nearby Herbert River. This area was rich in the mineral, and mining activities continued until 1978. In its heyday, Herberton was the richest tin mining field in Australia supported 20 hotels, two local newspapers, 17 pubs and a brewery. Fortunately, many of the original buildings are still standing and being used by local businesses.

The main tourist attractions in Herberton are the historic galleries and museums. Herberton Historic Village is located just outside the township of Herberton. The collection currently features over 30 original buildings with intact interior displays, original machinery and vehicles, plus thousands of antique items and period memorabilia. It is regarded as the most significant ever assembled in Queensland.

This is one of the highest towns at the Atherton Tablelands, standing at 915 metres above sea level. It is 122 kms from Cairns with a population of approximately 1500. As a consequence, the forest around Herberton is dry and scrubby.

herberton historic village